Intensity – No Longer Being Overwhelmed By Intense People, Events and Rapid Change – Thursday August 1st

Have you noticed a lot of intensity around you including intense relationships, mind blowing events, and rapid changes in yourself, others and the earth?

WOW! How can you allow all of this while resisting absolutely nothing?

What if it was far easier than you ever imagined possible?

I have heard from so many of my clients, students and friends that intense times are coming and will continue to in this rapid time of ascension on the planet. The more aware we become, the more we can practice how we can function from the space of harmonic alignment and always flow in the know.

This RICH Healing Experience will include mental and emotional clearings, customized creations and a gentle but profound healing activation to raise your vibration and give you back the energy to ride those waves of intensity with total ease, joy, space and bliss!

Here’s what you might notice after this healing tele-class:

  • Increased Levels Of Bliss
  • Feeling Lighter and More Expansive
  • Tingling sensations of energy moving through your body
  • Not being able to put two words together because you have taken a vacation from the mind and are now living in your heart space
  • Experiencing more peace and relaxation in your entire system

Learn the easy and pragmatic tools during our time together and receive a free MP3 Recording of the live call that you can play on a loop even while you’re sleeping for phenomenal results.

This 75 minute tele-class will be facilitated by Meryl Vandana Brinin, CRHTM on
Thursday August 1st
5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 AM BST
(local time converter at

Local Numbers for the US, UK, India and Australia are available as well as a Skype line and a webcast. And don’t worry if you can’t join the fun live, you’ll still receive the free MP3 Recording if you sign up.

What’s right about intensity that can now actually begin working for you to bring you everything you ever dreamed of but never thought you could have?

RICH Blessings & Infinite Gratitude!
Meryl Vandana Brinin, CRHTM

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Price: $25.00

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