Trusting Yourself and Others – Feeling Supported by All of Life MP3

Would you like to be able to start trusting and having faith again in everyone and everything in the entire universe and beyond?

Have you lost the energy of trust in this or past lives due to trauma, abandonment or just generally feeling let down, disappointed, betrayed and not being able to get your needs met?

Would you like to change that by raising your vibrational frequency so high you can actually embody the essence of trust all the time?

What if it was far easier and faster than we ever thought possible?

The easy and fun to use tools and energetic body processes known as RICH Healing have transformed so many peoples lives since it was introduced to this planet. Are you willing to try a completely new, different and even fun energetic system for change and actually start trusting yourself and others again?

How about the solar flares and earthquakes? Can you begin to function from the allowance of all natural earth and planetary changes trusting that all is in divine working order, you are always safe and always supported by infinite consciousness itself?

In this global tele-class, you will experience customized clearings, design brand new creations and receive a powerful healing activation that will attune you to embody the frequency of trust and faith creating heaven on earth starting right here and right now.

Some instant change that our students, clients and listeners have noticed include:

  • Sense of deep peace
  • Feeling expanded and spacious
  • Stress Relief and Sense of well-being
  • Physical pain reduction
  • Resetting of old patterns into new awarenesses including lots of Ah-Ha Moments of Revelation
  • Bliss, Joy and non stop giggling

If this feels light and expansive to you and you would like to experience some or all of these healing benefits, then we’ll “see” you on this call. And don’t worry if you can’t join the fun live, you’ll still receive the free MP3 Recording if you sign up.

This 98 minute healing experience is facilitated by Vandana.

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