Feeling Alone In This Reality MP3

Do you ever feel alone and unsupported in this reality always trying so hard and never quite feeling like you fit in?

Have you been programmed by your family and ancestors to put others needs before your own because it's the right thing to do? What if you supporting others and neglecting your own needs for so long is making you feel unsupported too?

Have you been living in the vibration of feeling unsupported and abandoned for so long that it almost feels familiar, comfortable, and safe?

How many years have you tried to get your needs met and never seem to be able to leading to feelings of frustration, despair, and hopelessness?

Have you felt so discouraged that you are just about ready to give up or have you made the decision and already given up being here on this planet?

RICH Healing to the Rescue! We can help you end the cycle of feeling unsupported and alone in this reality by practicing some simple tools of awareness that will allow you to create conscious change and live a miraculous life with total ease even after just one session!

How easy and fast can you create conscious change and finally feel the support and contribution from every molecule in the Universe and beyond that?

And what if being a little different is actually a gift not a curse?

Please know you can release, clear, and finally let go and make peace with your past faster than you ever imagined possible so you can radiate from the field of deep and divine connections with everyone you meet from here on in.

The Vibration Of Oneness is just waiting for you to say Yes so you can realize your true and highest potential and never have to hide or feel alone ever again.

Some possible side effects of receiving a RICH Healing Experience Include:

  • Feeling connected, supported, and safe in the world
  • Revitalizing Your Energy Flows By Releasing Old Blocks
  • Receiving Support From All Of Life
  • Letting go of all outdated programs that keep you stuck
  • Loving yourself all over again

Make new friends, connect with our RICH Global Community, And Rediscover All The Gifts, Blessings, And Miracles you Deserve!

This 97 minute class is facilitated by Vandana.

I’m looking forward to helping you re-write the “story” of your life!

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